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Bi-Plast moulds technical parts in thermo plastics for quality-conscious customers in the industry. With almost 40 years’ experience, we are happy to take on complicated tasks and assist you with technical know-how and advice throughout the process.

We produce plastic parts in all thermo plastics - except PVC - for many different types of companies. To ensure a uniform and high quality, Bi-Plast is ISO 9001 certified. Furthermore, we focus on respecting the environment e.g. through our ISO 14001 certification. Read our environmental policy here.

Do you know Monosandwich?
We operate with both 1- and 2-component moulding. Our specialty, however, is the so-called Monosandwich technique, which is the economical alternative to 2-component moulding. Instead of conventional 2-component moulding, we produce your products in just one mould using the Monosandwich technique.

Read how to achieve immense cost savings and give your products various functions in just one moulding.

“Happy solutions”
Since the beginning in 1972, we have enjoyed working with our loyal customers. To be able to produce the best solutions, we re-think and innovate through dialogue and co-operation with our customers. This is what we call “Happy solutions”.

Co-operation is based on trust in one another, and our creative experience has lead to countless finished products.
It is crucial to listen to each other and take advance of the potential that lies with both parties. Only then can we achieve the priceless synergy.