Injection moulding - production

Bi-Plast’s production currently consists of 11 injection moulding machines with clamping forces from 25 to 350 tons. Three of them are Monosandwich machines, one is also a conventional 2-component machine. Read more about your possibilities with the Monosandwich technique here.

Our quality management system was ISO certified in 1997 and in 2001 we also achieved environmental certification. We want to guarantee a uniform quality and uphold consideration for the environment. Please read our environmental policy here.

Fully automatic injection moulding
Bi-Plast’s fully automatic machines and methods guarantee that our customers save money. An example of our fully automatic work processes is this axle lock.

(Billede) It has a plastic part and a stick made of stainless steel. These two parts are assembled in a full automatic re-moulding, and we thereby avoid labour-intensive manual assembly.

This automation cuts the price by 69 % compared to manual assembly.

Flexible and fast
At Bi-Plast we mould both large and smaller series, and our switch-over is very fast.

Lars Errebo Larsen, mechanical engineer at Contex A/S, says:

”We chose Bi-Plast because they deliver moulds fast and adjust the production quickly. This way, Bi-Plast is able to mould our plastic parts after just a few weeks. Many companies cannot cope with 10-12 weeks of delivery, and Bi-Plast’s fast delivery and switch-over has great value for us”.