Ove H. Nielsen, Managing Director, B.Sc., Mech.Ing.



Jette B.Nielsen, Head of Production, B.Sc., Prod.Ing.



Bi-Plast was founded in 1972 by Gunhild and Ove Nielsen. It was a modest beginning for Bi-Plast as it was located in an old school on Funen, Denmark: The production consisted of just one machine in a former stable next to the private residence.

Bi-Plast quickly landed numerous customers, and the continuing growth resulted in a lack of space. In 1979, Bi-Plast moved to a new factory where there was room for the growing machinery and an increasing number of employees. The factory proved to be too small and was further extended in 1985.

Since 1997 the next generation, Jette B. Nielsen, has been part of the company as well.

Save time and money
At Bi-Plast we make sure to talk everything through with the customers from the beginning. This way, they save time and money, because the product does not need to be modified time and again. As a result, our customers get a very fast delivery and a short and cheaper development.

Statement from a business partner
The engineer company Molgard ApS chooses sub suppliers for their in design projects every time. When a design consists of various materials, Molgard ApS has often chosen Bi-Plast.

CEO Claus Mølgaard:

”By using the Monosandwich technique we can combine different materials in clever ways. They are skilled at Bi-Plast and very good to talk to. They are hard-working and never give up, when we do projects together”.

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